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Once again, I returned from buying groceries to find that the baggers at both supermarkets I visited were not properly trained. Or perhaps they were properly trained but didn't care that my family could be victims of food poisoning.

Raw meat was packed with prepared and ready-to-eat items, while non-food items, such as detergents, were packed with food. This can cause food poisoning, which can range from minor discomfort to permanent damage. Some forms can even be deadly. Almost weekly, scientists are discovering bacterias and viruses that are traceable to food sources, particularly raw meat.

I have experienced this problem repeatedly at various outlets of the four major grocery retailers in our area. So far, my complaints have been ignored. When will the managers realize they must train their staffs well before turning them loose with the health of customers? The next time this happens to me, all my purchased items will be returned to the offending store and that store will forever lose my grocery dollars.

Ruth Madden

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