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I read the letter written by Sen. Anthony R. Nanula promoting the School Facility Health and Safety Bond Act of 1997 with great interest.

In it, he quotes various agencies such as the U.S. General Accounting Office and the Conference of Big Five School Districts in New York State and mentions various cities, "Buffalo and others, etc." Just what cities is he referring to?

Mr. Nanula makes it sound as though these school buildings are going to fall apart at any moment and that we should be sending our kids to school wearing hard-hats.

Where was he when former Gov. Mario Cuomo floated two bond issues to repair the roads and bridges of New York State? What I am getting at is, what has happened to the money from the first two bonds?

Although I voted against both, I am not a bearer of bad tidings. I simply wanted everything spelled out as to exactly how the money would be spent. But that is a dirty word to most politicians -- dedicated funding. We didn't get it then and we aren't getting it now.

Why won't anybody explain exactly where the money from this new $2.4 billion bond will go and how it will be spent? Then, if things don't tally up in the end, someone will be hard-pressed to explain why. Until the Legislature comes out with a dedicated bond issue, it will be my pleasure to vote this bond act down.

Barbara Fisher Cheektowaga

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