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During the four Super Bowl seasons, we led the league in attendance. All teams dreaded to play in Buffalo, to play in front of the 12th man. Now take a look at us. Our last eight home games haven't been on television. How did this ever happen?

Just because the Bills had one or two not-so-great seasons, that doesn't mean we should stop supporting them. How would you do at your job if your boss kept hounding you and putting you down? We should give credit to the Bills for trying so hard. It seems that except for a few people, everyone in Buffalo is a bandwagon jumper. When the Bills are doing well, they will support them. But when the Bills lose a couple of games or when Todd Collins throws an interception, people start screaming for Jim Kelly and stop coming to the games.

Last year everyone wanted to get rid of Kelly, but when Todd Collins has a bad game everyone wants Kelly back. Give the Bills a chance. They need time to rebuild. They will all make mistakes. Look at the Green Bay fans. Even when their team was doing really bad the games were still sold out. That's team spirit.

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