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McDONALD'S CORP. has reached new heights -- namely 10,500 feet above sea level, which is the altitude of La Paz, Bolivia.

The chain opened its first restaurant in Bolivia on Friday, and hundreds of people stood in line to try it out.

Along with the usual American fare, the menu makes a few concessions to local tastes, offering a Bolivian tomato sauce made from hot peppers and tea made from coca leaves -- the main ingredient in cocaine.

McDonald's also plans to introduce a typical Andean dish of beef, potatoes, peas and hot peppers, all encased in pastry. It will be called McSaltenas.

He paid for his moment of glory

INVESTMENT BANKERS keep a low profile.

Philip G. Potter, a Morgan Stanley, Dean Witter, Discover & Co. employee, learned that the hard way last week.

The 25-year-old was allowed to resign after he was featured in the Sunday New York Times, where he described himself as a member of the "young affluent" class who wears $800 custom-made suits, $200 shoes and owns an $800 cellular phone. He spent his bonus on a $3,500 Rolex watch and a 50-inch TV.

Not very discreet.

A Yale University graduate who majored in physics, Potter worked in the firm's private client group, developing investment products for wealthy individuals.

Sweet secret revealed on national TV

TALK SHOW HOST Rosie O'Donnell unwrapped Peter Paul's secret candy on her show Wednesday, revealing what the candy maker was trying to keep hush-hush until a national launch Nov. 3.

The newest product is a bite-size caramel ball; one version is all caramel, while the other has a chocolate cream center.

O'Donnell had appealed to Peter Paul employees, or anyone else who might know about the candy, to send her one. The senders said in a letter to O'Donnell they risked "our jobs and all of our paychecks just to send this to you."

In return, they demanded six tickets to the Rosie Show, dinner at New York's Harley Davidson Cafe and makeovers.

O'Donnell did not say whether the demands were granted.

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