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Mayor Masiello raised a protest Sunday over remarks by Bill Kindel, Republican candidate for Amherst supervisor, quoted Sunday in an article in The Buffalo News about regional government.

The mayor characterized Kindel's comments as "divisive" and "insulting."

Kindel, who is challenging incumbent Supervisor Susan Grelick, compared the city to "a drowning man."

"I'm tired of people campaigning on this negative tone of divide and conquer," Masiello said Sunday. "It's typical of the narrow parochial attitude that's kept our region down for decades. . . . That attitude should be extinct.

"For us to survive, you can't pit the city against any town or the towns against any city," he added.

"This kind of inflammatory rhetoric just sets the region back further. We're all bound to one another. The idea of regionalism between Buffalo and Amherst is to create jobs and growth and new investment. (Kindel) hasn't been paying what's taking place all around him."

Kindel, who said he grew up in Buffalo's Iron Island district, replied that he had no objection to regional cooperation, just to what he fears will be the economic consequences of regional government.

"We don't want them to pick our pockets," he said Sunday. "Buffalo is already being bailed out by the federal, state and county governments, but not the towns."

"Protecting what's justifiably ours is not divisive," he added. "I think we've got a right to keep what we earned. Why would you want to put the flame out in Amherst, which is the one area of growth?"

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