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Voters in the towns of Lockport and Somerset will face the only local propositions appearing on the Nov. 4 election ballot in Niagara County, according to the Niagara County Board of

The propositions in both towns will be the same. Proposal 4 will ask whether the term of the highway superintendent should be increased from 2 years to 4 years, effective with the person elected in 1999.

Proposal 5 in each town will ask whether to make the same change for the town clerk, with the same effective date.

Voters also will see four statewide yes-or-no questions. Question 1 is whether to call a state constitutional convention.

Proposal 1 would raise the monetary limits on cases heard in civil courts in New York City and Long Island.

Proposal 2 would grant the same extra credit on Civil Service examinations that wartime veterans receive to current members of the armed forces, if there is a war during their enlistment and they are honorably discharged thereafter.

Proposal 3 is the $2.4 billion school construction bond act.

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