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"I found a litter of cats and adopted the mother and one of her sons. The son, who we named Merlyn, has seven toes. Someone told me that seven-toed cats are lucky. I guess they're right," said Happy Klein of Buffalo when he found out he was this week's first-prize winner in SUPER JINGO Game 806 of a trip for two for seven nights at the Best Western Plaza International in Orlando, Fla., plus $500 cash.

"It's funny," he said. "I always read the column about people winning. This week it's me. This is incredible. Just fantastic."

"My mother would be proud. She always played for me, until she passed away about 10 years ago," he continued. "We've been playing since the first time it came out. I've never won anything, and every week I say, 'Here we go again.' I'm still playing, though; you've got to keep trying. I always figure that one of these days you might hit the right one.

"You've made my day pretty happy, and I know that my wife, Lyn, is going to be happy, too. Thank you very much."

The Best Western Plaza International will be the Kleins' headquarters for enjoying all of Orlando's many attractions, including Universal Studios, Walt Disney World and Sea World, as well as dining, entertainment and shopping. They will feel at home in their large, modern guest room and have access to facilities that include a full-size pool, poolside cafe and a large whirlpool.

This trip is courtesy of Travel USA and Best Western and includes round-trip charter air, hotel, car rental, Universal Studios tickets, transfers and service. Call Travel USA East, West or North for details on the 12th annual Bills vs. Dolphins four-day excursion.

Other top prize winners in SUPER JINGO Game 806 include:

Diane Jaruszewski of West Seneca -- Two tickets to 10 Buffalo Sabres games.

Elly Schmocker of Cheektowaga -- A Zenith VCR.

Edna Snyder of Buffalo -- A showroom car detail.

Gretel Laing of West Falls -- Dinner and show tickets.

"Oh my goodness. That's nice," said Mrs. Jaruszewski when she learned she was the second-prize winner of two tickets to 10 Sabres games. "My husband, Tom; my daughter, Naomi; and I are very big Sabres fans. They're going to be happy."

Asked how long she has been playing SUPER JINGO, Mrs. Jaruszewski responded: "For a long time. My mother, Ceil, and I have been playing together, so I think she'll be going to some games also."

"I did? How nice," Mrs. Schmocker said of her third prize, a Zenith VCR. "Oh my goodness. It's just what I needed. My husband, Roy, and I don't have a VCR. We always said, 'Well, maybe we wouldn't use it much.' But this is wonderful. Thank you very much."

She added: "I've been playing SUPER JINGO for a long time. I think since it started, and I just can't believe this."

"Oh I did? What a surprise," Mrs. Snyder said upon learning she had won fourth prize of a showroom car detail. "I've been playing SUPER JINGO every week since it started and always hoped I'd win the first prize, but this is really nice. I think that my son, Peter, could use this. I'm quite sure he'll like it."

"Oh, great," Mrs. Laing said of her prize, dinner and show tickets for two. "My husband, Larry, and I don't have anything special to use it for. We've had our birthdays. We've had our anniversary. But I'm sure we can find something nice to use it for."

This is her first win, she said, and she has been playing SUPER JINGO "a couple years now."

Remember, it is not necessary to write or phone The Buffalo News if you are one of the other 45 winners. Prizes will be mailed to you soon.

Game cards for SUPER JINGO Game 808 can be found on Page 48 of today's TV Topics.

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