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A forum here Tuesday will feature the six candidates for Allegany County Legislature in District 4.

The forum, sponsored by the Wellsville Area Chamber of Commerce, will highlight the only contested legislative race. The event will get under way at 6 p.m. in Wellsville High School.

Republican Legislators John W. Walchli Jr. and Preston Lucas of Wellsville and James Graffrath of Andover will face Democrats Bruce Reuning, William G. Hendrick and David Szczerbacki of Wellsville.

The 11 Republican incumbents and one newcomer for the Legislature are unopposed for election. They are:

District 1 (Allen, Angelica, Belfast, Caneadea, Centerville, Granger, Hume and Rushford) -- Kenneth Nielsem, Houghton; Rodney Bennett, Dalton; and Alton Sylor, Fillmore.

District 2 (Amity, Clarksville, Cuba, Friendship, New Hudson and Ward) -- Susan Myers, Friendship; Edmund C. Burdick, Black Creek; Ronald Truax, Cuba.

District 3 (Alma, Bolivar, Genesee, Independence, Scio, Willing and Wirt) -- Edgar Sherman and William Dibble, Little Genesee; Patrick Regan, Willing.

District 5 (Alfred, Almond, Birdsall, Burns, Grove and West Almond) -- Brent L. Reynolds and Robert Heineman, Alfred; Curtis T. Corkey, Almond.

Democrats have nominated no other candidates for the Legislature except in the Andover-Wellsville district.

In countywide voting, three Republicans are unopposed: James E. Euken of Belmont for county judge, Terry Parker of Belfast for district attorney, and James F. Mulholland of Wellsville for treasurer.

Town races include:

Alma -- All candidates cross-endorsed; Leland T. Windus for supervisor, Margaret Guinnip for clerk, John Clair for highway superintendent, Roger Morris for justice and John C. Walsh and Brian Petrie for council.

Almond -- All Republican, Craig R. Braack for supervisor, Maureen Haynes for clerk, David Dobson, Ronald George and Richard Stuart for Council seats.

Amity -- Democrat Gary S. Harding and Republicans John F. Maynard and Nancy R. Casterline are competing for two Council seats. Unopposed are Republicans Michael F. Presutti for supervisor, Kimberly Francisco for clerk and James A. Reniff for highway superintendent.

Andover -- Unopposed are Republicans Karl Graves for supervisor, Donald Kent, Michael Hulse and Robert Frost for Council, and Democrat Frank McCormick for justice.

Angelica -- Democrat Craig Schlau unopposed for supervisor. Richard Reynolds has Republican and Democratic endorsement for clerk and collector, and is opposed by Lois J. Reynolds of the Angelica Freedom Party. Cross-endorsed are Kevin E. Demick for highway superintendent, Carol A. Trivisondoli for justice and Mary K. Slatter for assessor. Penny Enger, D, and Richard W. Wahl, R, are running for two assessor jobs. Alvin C. McCarthy is cross-endorsed for Council, with Sheila A. Grastorf, D, James R. Miller, R, and Chester Gosper III of the Freedom Party are competing for Council seats.

Belfast -- Robert W. Harrington is cross-endorsed for supervisor. Colleen J. Robbins, D, opposes Thomas J. McCumiskey, R, for clerk. Unopposed are Ann W. McCarthy, R, for collector, William A. Nichols, R, for highway superintendent, and Janet Calcagno, R, for justice.

Patrick J. McCumiskey Sr., D, and Bradley A. Schuld, R, are running for assessor. Patrick J. McCumiskey Jr., D, and Timothy Atherton, D, are opposing Trenwith Young, R, and Lorraine Histed, R, for Council seats.

Birdsall -- William Carpenter, D, and Jerry R. Livingston Jr., R, are running for supervisor. Cross-endorsed are Robert F. Marble for highway superintendent, Kim Shaklee and Bertha Crandall for Council. Sandra Broughton, R, is unopposed for justice.

Bolivar -- Stephen B. Robinson, D, is unopposed for supervisor. Dale Bentley is cross-endorsed for justice. J. Michael Robertson, D, is running against Fred Cole, R, and Randy White, R, for two Council seats.

Burns -- Gary Gilbert is cross-endorsed for supervisor and Frances Hoffman, for clerk. Marcia J. Burd, D, opposes Marian N. Macomber, R, for collector. John Munson, D, and Carl Hubbard, R, are running for highway superintendent. Cross-endorsed are David Trickler for justice, and Charles D. Oliver and Earnest Gordon for Council.

Caneadea -- Unopposed are Republicans Philip Stockin for supervisor, Dorothy Lendel for clerk and Curtis Crandall and Richard Fuller for Council.

Centerville -- Unopposed are Republicans Neil Phllippi for supervisor, Florence Pixley for clerk, Alice Decker for collector, Ronald J. Smith for highway superintendent and Frederick W. Wolfer for Council.

Clarksville -- Cross-endorsed are David A. Jones for supervisor, Janice E. Dennis for clerk, Carolyn E. Graves for collector, Ronald Dennis for justice and John Truax for assessor and Shirley Hammond for Council. Matthew Hammond, R, is unopposed for a Council seat, and Patricia Dupere, D, and Bruce D. Jones, R, are competing for a third seat.

Cuba -- All candidates are cross-endorsed, including Doris Hall for clerk and collector, Loren A. Sweet for justice, Donald A. Donovan for assessor, Harley J. Poore, John Freeman and Brian T. Patten for Council.

Friendship -- John P. Maxson for supervisor and Jacqueline A. Ward for clerk are cross-endorsed. Brian Klice, D, Donald C. Parker, R, and High Stannards and David E. Sortore, People's Choice, are running for highway superintendent. Alan D. Brown and Nellie E. Hoopes are cross-endorsed for a Council seat, while Richard K. Shelley, R, is unopposed for a second seat, and Alan D. Brown is cross-endorsed for justice.

Genesee -- Charles L. Barrett, D, is running for supervisor against Clyde K. Young, R, while Glenn R. Benson, D-R, is opposed for justice by Susan Cartwright, Justice and Good Faith. Kay M. Reynolds, R, is unopposed for assessor, Keith Wedge, D, and Theodore James Shaw, D, are running against Richard L. Seeley, R, and Douglas R. Ploetz, R, for Council seats.

Granger -- Unopposed are Republicans Anne R. Voss for supervisor, Loreen Bentley for clerk, Carolyn Ricketts for collector, Reuben P. Beardsley for highway superintendent, and Calvin L. Carmer and Richard K. Rees for Council seats.

Grove -- Unopposed are Democrats William A. Norton for supervisor, Onalee Morris for clerk, Chrystal Hark for collector, Jesse Griffith for highway superintendent, and Kenneth DeRitter, James R. Blowers and Vincent Hark for Council seats.

Hume -- Republicans running without opposition are Theodore L. Hopkins for supervisor, Sondra K. MacEwan for clerk, Paul M. Miller for highway superintendent, Fred L. Cwiklinski for justice, and Craig Smith and Mabel M. Howden for Council seats.

Independence -- Mike Sutley, D, is opposing J. Michael Kear, R, for supervisor. Cross-endorsed are Cindy Clark for clerk, Roger Stanton for collector and Melvin Stebbins for highway superintendent.

Karen Ordway, D, and Bill Jacobs, D, are opposing Lynette Coleman, R, for a Council seat.

New Hudson -- Anthony J. Vekich, R, unopposed for supervisor. Denise C. Luzier, D, is running against Diana L. Young, R, for clerk. Cross-endorsed are Helen Burt for collector and Loren Luzier for highway superintendent. Candee L. Hamilton, D, Chris Hamilton, D-R, and Lloyd J. Lewis, R, seek two Council seats.

Rushford -- Betty H. Babbitt, D, and Michael D. Abraszek, R, are competing for supervisor. Rita M. Hunt, R, unopposed for clerk. William G. Westfall, D, and Robert Worthington, R, running for highway superintendent.

John Thompson, D, opposes David C. Brautigam, R, for justice. Lynn K. Pomeroy, D, and Albert G. Thorington, D, oppose Robert McNeill, R, and Doug Worthington, R, for Council seats.

Scio -- Cross-endorsed are David B. Fleming for supervisor, Caroline Browning for clerk and Corrine Glass for collector. Henry Farwell, D and Diamond Party, opposes Craig Towner, R, for highway superintendent.

Cross-endorsed are Glee Turybury for justice and Grant Dean Sr. and Marcia Habberfield for Council.

Ward -- Republicans running without opposition include Peggy A. Layton for supervisor, Susan Tucker for clerk, Dean G. Watson for highway superintendent, George Hrycum for justice, and Daniel J. Deming Jr. and James M. Lucey for Council seats.

Wellsville -- Noel G. Herberger, D, opposes Michael Roeske, R, for justice, and Jack Colligan, D, opposes Darwin Fanton, R, for a Council seat.

West Almond -- Cross-endorsed are Donald Hoffman for supervisor, Judith L. Riley for clerk, Michael Sherman for highway superintendent and Richard A. Lorow Sr. for Council. Facing no opposition are Teresa M. Claypool, R, for collector, Gail Barron, R, for justice, and Leonard Watson, R, for a second Council seat.

Willing -- Republicans running without opposition are Dwight R. Fanton for supervisor, Margaret M. Billings for clerk, Roger M. Billings for highway superintendent, and Robert C. Ackerman and John F. Cole for Council.

Wirt -- Neil B. Mott Jr., D, opposes Donald L. Cady, R, for supervisor. Evelyn A. Wilson is cross-endorsed for clerk. Douglas K. Stuck, D, Circle Party, opposes Douglas J. Osgood, R, Maple Tree Party, for highway superintendent. Elma L. Pangburn is cross-endorsed for justice.

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