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Overall winners in the recent American Contract Bridge League charity game were: Strat A, Trudy Manaher and Phyllis Post; Strat B, Dorothy Boyd and Kathy Pollock; Strat C, Paula Weiser and Anna Wallens.

The Bridge Centre, 2371 George Urban Blvd., Depew, will have club championships at 7:30 p.m. Wednesday and 7:30 p.m Friday.

Duplicate Scores
ABA Bridge Club -- North-south, Thelma Daughtry and Sue Jackson, 94; east-west, Parmalier Murphy and DoAnne Jackson, 89; possible 149.

B&P Shannon Pub Tuesday morning -- Judy Graf and George Bills, 62.5; Jackie and Hugh Hanley, 53; Betty Lawrence and Peg Rieker; possible 108.

B&P Shannon Pub Friday morning -- North-south, Eva Schmidt and Mary Lou Cross, 129.5; east-west, Lind Vassallo and Harold Meyers, 132, Helen Sloan and Cajeta Ciola, 113; possible 216.

B&P Four Seasons Monday morning -- North-south, Trudy Manaher and George Bills, 113; Mary Ehrlichman and Rosemary Richert, 73; east-west, Richard Czarnecki and Don Cameron, 103.5; Jan Butler and Melvin Braun, 87; possible 168.

Bridge Centre Monday morning -- North-south, Judith Fischer and Patricia Burns, 146; Faith Perry and Ruth Astmann, 79; east-west, Deborah Drury and Doreen Scott 133; Judy Graf and Catherine Bentzel, 121.5; Ken Morseon and Darroyl Burt, 115.5.

Bridge Centre Monday evening -- North-south, Steve Shanley and Steve Rashkin, 133; east-west, Marie Holt and Curtis Hallis, 130.5; Margaret Trott and Shirley Lyth, 130; Paul Piciulo and Terry Fraas, 114.5.

Bridge Centre Tuesday morning -- North-south, William Schneidau and Chester Fell, 98; Collette and Jim Sangster, 94.5; east-west, Josephine Giordano and Larry Doherty, 101.5; Hal Godshaw and Mary Lou Cross, 92.5.

Bridge Centre Tuesday evening -- North-south, William Bascom and Saleh Fetouh, 132.5; Scottie Johnson and Mimi Ashton, 114.5; east-west, Kathy Pollock and Harry Cheung, 128; Vincent Pesce and Kevin Gervase, 118.5; Richard Clancy and Phyllis Post, 117.5.

Bridge Centre Wednesday morning -- North-south, Rhoda Jacobs and Judy Graf, 133.5; east-west, Thomas Wolstoncroft and Deborah Drury, 138.5; Rita Sierocinski and Betty Bronstein, 123.

Bridge Centre Wednesday evening -- North-south, Lorraine Ciavatta and B. Ruth Hnath, 67.5; east-west, Joyce Fuerter and William Schlaerth, 62.

Bridge Centre Wednesday evening -- North-south, Gerald Fried and Joseph Branconi, 134.5; Carolyn Siracuse and Doyce Coffman, 118; east-west, Thomas Wolstoncroft and John Kilmer, 133.5; Richard Clancy and James Scott, 124.

Bridge Centre Thursday morning -- Robert Winkler and Joan Rose, 64; Judy Graf and Walter Bluestone, 62.5; Gil Krawitz and Pol Akman, 61; William Schneidau and Walter Heilemann, 51.5.

Bridge Centre Thursday evening -- Edward and Florence Ott, 43.17; Eva Schmidt and Miriam Davidson, 41.82; Edward and Florence Ott; 43.17; Guy Puccio and Ray Schmitt, 35.

Bridge Centre Friday morning -- North-south, Walter Majewski and Bob Andersen, 103.5; Alfred Haber and Walter Bluestone, 94; east-west, Vishnampet Vaidhyanathan and Philip Thomas, 105; Rita Sierocinski and Anne Watkins, 94.

Bridge Centre Saturday afternoon -- Jeanette Michienzi and Deborah Drury, 115.23; Margaret Klamp and Betty Fudeman, 106.62; Terry Band and Suraj Jain, 99.08; Irving Jacobs and Philip Thomas, 99.08.

Bridge Centre Sunday evening -- Alice Lind and Robert Olin, 42; Trudy Manaher and Elizabeth Ostolski, 41.5.

Buffalo Whist Monday -- North-south, Margaret Klamp and Betty Fudeman, 118.5; east-west, Eugene Finton and Gerald Fried, 113.47; possible 189.

Clarence Senior Citizens -- North-south, Mary and Joe Deptula, 23; east-west, Carl and Betty Vogel, 22.

Delaware Wednesday evening -- North-south, Lorna Brewer and Caroline Greer, 101; east-west, Chuck Dienst and Nels Larsen, 96; possible 168.

Duplicate Bridge -- North-south, Maria Amato and Bertha Gondree, 78.5; east-west, Mary Emily Wells and Laverne Jenkins, 82; possible 126.

East Aurora Sunday -- Mary Schneider and Angie DeMarchi, 32; Fran and Tom Considine, 28; possible 56.

East Aurora Wednesday morning -- Enid Sweet and Darroyl Burt, 63.5; Betty Colby and Marg Urquhart, 60; possible 108.

East Aurora Wednesday -- Dan Foley and Art Schumacher, 43.5; Ruth George and David Reisdorf, 39.5; possible 81.

Friday Dupliclub -- Jane and Cecil Park, 39.5; Dick and Mary Schad, 39; possible 63.

Lockport Duplicate Tuesday evening -- North-south, Miriam and Don Regnet, 130; Dan and Elve Johnston, 114; east-west, Millie Harris and Jean Rosenthal, 132; Gene Wilke and Frank Max, 105.5.

Lockport Duplicate Saturday afternoon -- Howell. Miriam and Don Regnet 48.5; Mary Costello and Lois Smith, 47.5.

Margaret McCarthy Friday -- Walter Majewski and Joan Rose, 107.15; John Lewis and John Valentine, 101.23; B. Ruth Hnath and Emily Gilbert, 90.46.

Orchard Park Monday morning -- Ruth Healy and Irene Koch, 46.5; Patti Gothelf and Murph Sacca 42; possible 72.

Orchard Park Tuesday -- Howell. Chuck Louise and Ray Stoklosa, 43.5; Will and Rhoda Eagle, 40.5; possible 72.

TOTs Center -- North-south, Mel and Esther Ferris, 71.5; east-west, Eileen Bisantz and Frank Max Sr., 80; possible 126.

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