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I have a daughter in the fourth grade and this November, her class will again be participating in Kids Voting New York, an arm of Kids Voting USA.

I believe it's a great idea to introduce our children to the election process, as a lesson in what sets apart a democracy from other forms of government.

However, as kids often do, they can see the forest through the trees. My daughter recently asked me: "Why do so few grown-ups vote?"

It's a hard question to answer when you're trying to teach young people about their rights and civic duties when they become adults.

I'm too busy, I don't care, the candidates are all crooks, I don't like any of them -- these are just a few of the responses that adults give for not voting.

But those responses don't answer a kid's question. What they hear is that grown-ups don't care.

Then the adults wonder what's wrong with our young people because they have lousy attitudes and exhibit anti-social behavior. Could it be that the grown-ups are failing as teachers of our youth?

It's a small step, but an important one, to demonstrate that no matter who you are or what you do -- we all have the same equal vote come Election Day.

I'd like to encourage more people to vote because it's important for many reasons, particularly for showing our children that our rights and freedom should not be taken for granted.

Just maybe, our kids will learn that grown-ups do care about something -- and that's an important lesson for all of our children.


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