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A hit-and-run driver who plowed into the sled-dog team of an aspiring Iditerod racer remains at large, Chautauqua County sheriff's deputies said Friday.

Two of Byron Sturdevant's dogs were killed and six hurt during a training run Sunday night in Ashville.

The dogs were pulling a three-wheel rig equipped with lights and reflectors. Sturdevant, of Sugar Grove, said he stopped the sled and stood in front of it as the pickup approached head-on but saw that the truck wasn't slowing down and jumped from its path.

Killed were a 4-year-old Alaskan husky and a 3-year-old Siberian husky. A 6-year-old German shepherd may have to be put to sleep, he said.

"I'm done sledding," said Sturdevant, who had been trying for three years to place the right team together to try for the prestigious Iditerod in Alaska.

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