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I cannot understand all the criticism and hullabaloo about the design of a second bridge over the Niagara River.

Most people who use the Peace Bridge on a regular basis are only interested in reaching their destinations quickly and easily.

If the Peace Bridge Authority doesn't move traffic on the new bridge any better than it does on the current one, then looking at architectural splendor while sitting in a hot car on a July afternoon waiting for traffic to move isn't going to make one bridge any different from another.

Why must we spend so much money on a bridge? I, for one, cross the bridge at least 200 times a year and I couldn't care less if it was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright.

If officials want to create something that would reflect the public interest of two nations, Western New York and neighboring localities, they should build a structure on the waterfront that would promote jobs, create tourism and bring people to our area -- like Casino Niagara does in Canada. People don't go to an area to see a bridge -- they simply use it to get to what they want to see.

Arthur Eddy Buffalo

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