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Rosie O'Donnell has spilled the beans about the caramel.

The talk show host unwrapped Peter Paul's secret candy on her show Wednesday, revealing what the candy maker was trying to keep quiet until a national launch Nov. 3.

The newest product is a bite-size caramel ball -- one version all caramel, the other with a chocolate cream center.

O'Donnell wasn't overly enthusiastic. She rolled the candy in chocolate and dipped it in nuts to make a more exciting treat.

"I'm not saying it's a bad product," she said. "I'm just saying it's a little bit anti-climactic."

Anthony Edwards, manager of the Peter Paul plant in Naugatuck, where the candy is being made, said the publicity was sweet if not all positive.

"We are not disappointed. We had anticipated that sooner, rather than later, that she would divulge all," Edwards said. "We are excited and so is the company."

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