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President Boris N. Yeltsin, accepting Russia's shared blame for splits among former Soviet republics and conflicts over their territories, said today the Commonwealth of Independent States must be reorganized.

"Each (state) noted its own role. But Russia as chairman is to blame for the fact that the (commonwealth) has worked irrationally and ineffectively," Yeltsin told a news conference in Chisinau, Moldova's capital, at the end of a summit of the 12 former Soviet republics in the grouping.

"Russia is responsible for the dragging out of the issue of conflict zones in Dnestr, Abkhazia and Georgia and Nagorno-Karabakh," Yeltsin said, referring to unresolved territorial disputes in the successor to the Soviet Union.

The Russian president, reporting on a closed session of the heads of state held earlier Thursday, said Russia had been subjected to "serious criticism."

He said the leaders had agreed to put all the criticisms in a document to be discussed Jan. 23.

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