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To: All Western New York Servicemen

From: Curran's Corner

Subject: What's Doing Back Home

Dear Neighbors: First, I will note that the ceremony attendant on the Women's War Memorial in D.C. brought letters. Yes, they were written by people who objected to my reminder in my Wednesday columns that ask readers to "Say a prayer for our guys Over There."

In my answers to previous complaints, I have noted that a quick look at a dictionary will show that "guy" is both masculine and feminine.

As I wrote that last sentence I had to recall a professor who would hope for a laugh when he pointed out: " 'Guy' is masculine and feminine. It's a case of man embracing women." Needless to say, he got only a nervous acknowledgment of the joke from a few coeds.

Anyway, that is a good way to remember that bit. And no, I don't expect new readers to recall my words about "guys" any more than they recall my words about memorials.

But I still get a thrill when strangers yell, "Say a prayer for our guys Over There."

No, I haven't changed my mind about memorials. I don't go for them. But I am all for living things, like scholarships. As you may know, we still don't have a World War II memorial. If the other guys want it, I won't protest against it as I did with the original Vietnam War memorial.

Having said that, I will now make a pitch for a World War II guy named Henry Gorko and his project. It was because of Gorko that the World War II monument was rededicated last year. Now Gorko wants to help erect monuments to the Korean and Vietnam veterans.

There will be a fund-raiser Nov. 8 at the Autumnwoods Senior Citizen Center on Clinton Street. Anyone wanting to send donations should address the Korean/Vietnam World War II Monument Park Project at Lovejoy, NRS, 615 Walden Ave., Buffalo, N.Y. 14211.

The other day a man called and said he had just returned from Cambodia and wanted a forum for his talks, He said he was especially interested in addressing veterans groups.

Later I realized that most of the veterans groups I know don't read anything that is datelined Cambodia. Anyway, his address is 160 Sherborn Lane, Hamburg, N.Y. 14075.

Currently, he has speaking engagements at UB, St. Bonaventure University and Cornell. He has a strong message that will be of interest to anyone who lost a loved one in Vietnam.

Now a colleague is looking over my shoulder and saying, "You'll write about anything just to avoid mentioning the Bills."

Well, it seems that not long after I arrived here in 1967, I noted that Jack Kemp, the Bills' quarterback then, had thrown his helmet at the floor and it had been intercepted.

Now the joke has gone around again. This time it has the same fate befalling the Bills' former No. 2 quarterback, Billy Joe Hobert.

In my travels I have seen that most former Western New Yorkers are proud of their roots. And the supreme test came Monday night when the Bills beat the Indianapolis Colts 9-6. Any person who lasted through the TV version of that game had to be a masochist.

As I have said many times, a fine Bills Backers Club can be found in Atlanta. The next time around, I will give you a report on how many people stayed for that battle of field goals.

I'd risk the indignation of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals by calling that game a turkey. But, in fact, it was an exciting game. For the coaches, anyway.

Keep writing and hang tough.