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I have been reading the series in The News about credit card bankruptcy. The stories are all absurd, but the couple from Clarence Center are really unbelievable. They have charged more than $336,000 on 58 credit cards!

These people should be serving time in jail! Anyone who charges items on a credit card knows they have to be paid for. How can people be so irresponsible?

I, for one, do not have a credit card nor do I feel the need for one. No, I'm not rich. I'm just a working man who was raised with a little discipline and restraint.

The banks share some of the blame. They have all these high-tech computers, but apparently no one knows how to read them. They don't seem to have a clue as to how to prevent this.

One solution would be that no more than 15 percent of one's annual salary can be charged on credit cards. Not per card -- all 58 cards. When that number is reached, credit is cut off until the debt is paid. If the people refuse to pay, the debt could be paid by garnishing wages.

Furthermore, these commercials glorifying bankruptcy should be taken off the air. How about replacing them with public serviceannouncements promoting responsibility?

Let's stop this nonsense before honest people go bankrupt paying for the sins of these common criminals.

Jim Gasko Lancaster