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2:35 -- John Avenue and 66th streets, assault. Melissa R. Frame said a woman struck her face and threw her to the ground.

3:20 -- 1801 Pine AVe., Leon's Pizza, littering. Maurizio Passalacova said a man has been putting his garbage in his dumpster and stacking garbage around it.

Time not listed -- 9530 Marine Memorial Drive, harassment. Kim M. Harbeson said a man pushed her face and slapped her.

3:27 -- 3044 Niagara St., criminal mischief and grand larceny. Roger Fountain said a leather jacket, bank card and driver's license were taken from his van.

6:10 -- 1000 Portage Road, Tops market parking lot, assault. A 12-year-old boy said some youths assaulted him.

10:25 -- 520 Hyde Park Blvd., Public Safety Building, arrest. Brian P. Mena, 28, of Niagara Street, charged with three counts of illegal possession a vehicle identification number.


1:48 -- 8505 Niagara Falls Blvd., Dom's A Plus, petit larceny. A clerk said a man left without paying for beer and cigarettes.

2:40 -- 1900 Falls St., arrests. Javon M. Ridgeway, 17, of 16th Street, charged with unauthorized use of a motor vehicle, and Anthony W. Jones Jr., 16, of Zito Street, charged with unauthorized use of a motor vehicle, grand larceny, criminal impersonation and two counts of failure to appear.

4:55 -- Lewiston and Rankin roads, arrest. Harry F. Hinks, 31, of Ely Avenue, charged with failure to pay fines.

6:49 -- 2457 Independence Ave., burglary. Nicolas R. Delgrolice said a man got into his car in his garage and tampered with the automatic door opener.

8:33 -- 1970 Whitney Ave., criminal mischief and petit larceny. Robert L. Fink said his car window was smashed and his cell phone and adapter were stolen.

8:45 -- 520 Hyde Park Blvd., arrest. Robert J. Dunn, 20, of 17th Street, charged with burglary and grand larceny.

8:50 -- 2457 Independence Ave., stolen vehicle. Tara N. Miljour said a man took her car, which police found at 2477 Independence Ave.

9:08 -- 520 Hyde Park Blvd., arrest. Ronald J. Hunter, 31, of Ninth Street, charged with violation of a conditional discharge, failure to pay a fine and two counts of failure to appear.

9:15 -- 2400 block of Independence Avenue, menacing and assault. A woman said a man choked her, punched her on the forearm several times, pulled a phone out of the wall and threatened to kill her with a knife.

9:45 -- LaSalle Avenue and 17th Street, petit larceny. Jennifer J. Swain said someone unzipped the rear window of her vehicle and took the cassette stereo.

10:25 -- 520 Hyde Park Blvd., arrest. Vincent Jackson, 34, of Lockport Road, charged with criminal mischief, petit larceny and harassment.


12:10 -- 6302 Buffalo Ave., Petro USA, petit larceny. An employee said someone drove away without paying for $14.64 worth of gas, with the pump nozzle still in the car.

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