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While visiting the Buffalo Zoo recently, I realized what a tremendous loss it would be for the city and its citizens if the current location is abandoned. The zoo is conveniently located, compact to tour for families with little tykes and unique because of its size, location and age.

The old bear pits, though seldom used, are well over 100 years old and the elephant house is of national historic interest.

Located within a short walk of the zoo is the Frank Lloyd Wright Darwin Martin House and complex, which could well be an added tourist attraction.

If space is a problem, perhaps the zoo should cut down on the number of species in its collection. It could renovate the primate, small mammal and feline houses by removing some separating walls and extending the depth of the exhibits to include the outside enclosures, giving the animals much more room.

The bars on the cages could be replaced with glass, like the gorilla habitat.

The bison yard could be put to better use, since bison are no longer a rarity. And the Andean condors could be sent to a zoo where they can have more room.

The waterfront is a poor place to put a year-round zoo. Keep it where it is.

Todd Barber Amherst