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Amherst town leaders' pledge to hold the line on taxes doesn't include fees.

Parents will pay higher fees in 1998 to send children to latchkey programs and summer camps sponsored by the town's Youth Board.

The Town Board approved the higher fee schedule Monday, with most increases
about $5.

For Amherst residents, the weekly fee for a summer camp program for 5- to 11- year-old children will range from $35 to $120 depending on family income. A family whose income is less than $15,000 will pay $35, up from $30. A family making more than $70,000 a year will pay $120, up
from $115.

This year's fees range
between $30 and $115.

The charge for those who live outside the town will rise to $125 a week for a child in 1998, up from $115 this year.

Summer camp fees for children 12 to 14 are about $10 to $15 higher depending on

Daily fees for a child 5 to 11 in a latchkey program will increase between 25 cents to $1. The daily fees next year will range between $3.25 and $8 depending on income. Families with three or more children in the program will receive a

Non-Amherst residents will pay a flat $9 daily fee for each child in 1998. This year, the town charged between $7 and $11 per child depending on

Youth Board member Michael Barrett called the fee
increases moderate.

"Private day care would be a lot more expensive," Barrett said.

Barrett asked the Town Board to add $20,000 to the 1998 town budget for youth programs so a part-time employee can be hired for the summer camp program. Otherwise, fewer children will be able to sign up for the program, he said.

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