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A recent front-page article in The News about a white student who was denied admission to City Honors School caught my attention. Her parents claimed this decision was discrimination against whites. This reverse discrimination is unfair to all whites who wish to achieve high educational standards, which are integral to success.

Admission to any educational institution should be based on academic excellence and achievement. Such criteria are only fair andhonest to all applicants.

In this case, the applicant scored higher than 25 of 36 minority students admitted for the 1996-1997 school year. She is being denied her constitutional rights and is being discriminated against because of her race. As equal members of the community, we are entitled to equal rights. "Excellence in education" will never be attained if we follow these policies and deny students the equal chance to reach their potential.

As a Pacific Islander, I, too, am a member of a minority. But I would be distraught if the reason I was admitted to a school was based more on race than on merit. I would also be angry if I had achieved good grades but was denied acceptance because I was not a minority.

Emily Mander East Amherst

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