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The Grand Island Town Board Monday night decided to consider a plan outlined by Councilman James R. Sharpe to tighten security, including possibly changing the locks on Town Hall doors.

"Our town is in need of restoring integrity to its filing system," Sharpe said.

He said a recent investigation by the district attorney into files missing from the town building inspector's office indicates the need for a file-management policy.

"Special-use permits, court cases and most of the approvals by the Town Board and its departments are based on information in the files," he said.

"When this information is incomplete or has been tampered with, the outcome will change, not necessarily to the benefit of the public we serve."

The DA's investigation confirmed that documents were missing from the town building inspector's office but did not pinpoint responsibility.

Sharpe said that in response to a request, some department heads have submitted their suggestions for tightening security, "showing a willingness to take responsibility for their department's filing system."

In moving for a Town Board meeting Nov. 17 to discuss file management policy, Sharpe listed the objectives of such a system.

He also recommended that the Town Board appoint a records advisory board to be headed by Town Clerk Nancy J. Samrany, the town file management officer.

The advisory board should include three other members, one from town government and two from the public, Sharpe said.

"I also believe we should further our building security through control of the keying of interior and exterior doors, which might include changing the locks and maintaining a log of keys issued or signed out," he said.

"We currently have an incomplete list of those who have keys to the building," he said.

In other action, the board authorized Supervisor James H. Pax to write a letter in support of a Grand Island Chamber of Commerce request to Gov. Pataki for state funds to complete the town business district's sewer system, a $1,725,000 three-phase project.

Christine A. Learman, first vice president of the Chamber, said the immediate goal is to complete Phase 2 of the sewer project for $714,650.

At a public hearing on federal Community Development Block Grant funding, the town will apply for funding for five possible projects that would benefit low- and middle-income residents.

One mentioned by Pax involves sidewalks along Baseline Road between Whitehaven Road and the Isle View Senior Housing Project.

John C. Lexo, Pax's opponent for supervisor in the Nov. 4 election, suggested adding three others: a design for the town's proposed Town Center project; a Tracy Lane drainage study and design; and paving of Falls Link Road so that residents qualify for town snowplowing. Also proposed for funding was a sidewalk project along Baseline between Bedell Road and the Sidway School.

The board also:

Adopted a local law requiring owner approval of any off-street parking on public or private property.

Set a public hearing on the preliminary 1998 budget for 8 p.m. Nov. 6.

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