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Following are real estate transactions over $5,000 as listed in records of the Erie County Clerk's Office for the week ending Oct. 10
1132 Two Rod Rd., Joseph Kelly, Cheryl Kelly to Thomas Janiszeski, Teresa Janiszeski, $120,000.

1267 Townline Rd., Catherine Filipski, Catherine Smaczniak to David Stechenfinger, Wendy Stechenfinger, $21,000.

11528 Gebhard Lane, Teresa Canada to Allen Ernst, Colleen Ernst, $103,550.

375 Mt Vernon Rd., Edna Whyman, Earl Whyman to Peggy Calogero, $90,000.

148 Oakbrook Dr., Raymond Manno, Patricia Manno to Clarence Upshaw, Salena Upshaw, $143,000.

35 Forest Hill Dr., Adelaide Seeberger to Robert Levi, $90,000.

179 Breezewood Common, Joy Ricotta to Mary Archie, $139,000.

83 Pearce Drive, Nancy Matthis to Robert Krohn, $72,500.

3900 Ridge Lea #C, Andrea Robertson to Mary Lazzara, $52,000.

119 Callodine Ave., Alice Voak to Denise Matters, $40,000.

90 Danebrock Dr., Stuart Farmer to Louis Lalli, Margaret Lalli, $82,000.

145 Marion Rd., Karen Dunn, Carl Dunn to David Militello, $11,666.

145 Marion Rd., Samuel Agnello, Karen Dunn to David Militello, $23,333.

26 Union Place, Rubino Bros Builders Inc. to Blanche H Metzger Living Trust 100496, $114,900.

270 Ivyhurst Rd., Herbert Maxwell to Federal National Mortgage Association, $68,102.

111 Thomas Jefferson Lane, TJ Lane Development Corp. to John Fromen, Lexie Fromen, $76,800.

364 Forest Edge Dr., Robert Mackinnon, Suzanne Mackinnon to Michael Eberhardt, Loretta Dulberg, $120,500.

455 Hopkins Rd., #7, Nancy Hartman to Sally Di Carlo, $59,000.

265 Sunrise Blvd., Eda Teibel, Philip Teibel to Steven Sanders, Sara Sanders, $97,500.

78 Brush Creek, Robert Drzewiecki, Diana Drzewiecki to Philip Stoddard, Carol Stoddard, $116,000.

123 Berryman Dr., Joseph Sharit to Preston Ruark, $118,000.

195 Charter Oaks Dr., #3, Michael Diamond to Helen Kusio, $54,900.

313 Shetland Dr., Daniel Pellow, Christine Pellow to George Schnapp, Annette Schnapp, $120,000.

96 Windemere Blvd., Richard Larkin to Howard Wilbon, Carol Wilbon, $75,000.

48 Tennyson Rd., Helen Kaczorowska to Sowles Road Joint Venture Inc., $55,000.

16 Windridge Ct., Richard Urbanski, Mary Urbanski to Allan Almeter, Gayle Almeter, $154,300.

47 Milton St., Sally Schlaerth to Joseph Smith, $137,000.

14 Mahogany Dr., Richard Provino to Richard Urbanski, Mary Urbanski, $106,000.

676 N Ellicott Creek Rd., John Raymonda to John Raymonda, Yvonne Rey-Raymonda, $85,500.

395 Youngs & 35 Wilson Rd., Amherst Inc. to Ingram Micro Inc., $3,800,000.

245 Westfield, Norma Page to Paul Mcgrath, $65,000.

1807 Hopkins Road, Charles Carpenter, April Carpenter to Eric Chilcott, Lori Noreika, $121,000.

46 Partridge Run, John Ramirez, Diana Ramirez to Patricia Keller, $117,000.

82 Reist St., Fannie Johnson, Frances Johnson to Mary Burke, $58,500.

220 Stuewe Rd., Michael Manhardt, Linda Manhardt to Robert Moriyama, $140,000.

89 Monarch Ave., Susan Simmons to Rosario Cipolla, Paola Cipolla, $85,000.

22 Tristan Lane, Beverly Gareleck to James Rich, Patricia Rich, $224,600.

114 Country Pkwy., Lisa Smith, Gene Mills to Robert Mcnamara, Gene Mills, $60,000.

2676 Sweet Home Rd., Jim Degen to Michael Degen, Thomas Degen, $47,000.

126 The Village Green, Donald Neil, Mary Neil to Jeffrey Staebell, Mary Staebell, $143,900.

82 Garrison Rd., John Findlay, Leslie Findlay to Michael Werbowski, Barbara Werbowski, $125,000.

270 Buffalo Rd., Myra Minich to Marilyn Betz, $73,000.

1016 Mill Rd., NVR Homes Inc. Corp. to Gary Richardson, Cathy Richardson, $159,600.

270 Buffalo Rd., U2, Dawn Stoops, Dawn Deluca to Jane Oliverio, $65,500.

7376 Eddy Rd., Gary Vanbuskirk, Carole Vanbuskirk to Alan Bly, $84,000.

827 Tonawanda St., Brady & Burgess Management Corp. to Western Regional Off-Track Betting Corp., $22,500.

1925 Seneca St., Noel Joyce to Michael Ehlers, $32,689.

826 Prospect, Salvatore Maccagnano, Anthony Maccagnano to Felicita Roche, $40,000.

105 Grimes St., Julia Zaino, Leona Zaino to Nationsbanc Mortgage Corp., $67,328.

58 Roma, Ruth Cole to James Ward, Jeraldine Ward, $10,000.

176 Witehall Ave., James Hewitt, Nancy Hewitt to Barbara Farr, $72,500.

57 St., Johns Parkside, John Rieman to Joseph Germain, Kelly Germain, $73,000.

44 Ramsdell, Bryon Foster to Stephen Cicchinelli, Susan Cicchinelli, $60,000.

120 Central Ave., Douglas Perfetto to Ronald Hogg, Christina Hogg, $49,500.

51 Alma, Zola Crowell to Grace Turner, $22,500.

154 Amber St., David Moran to David Liebler, $61,000.

1575 Broadway, Thomas Stelmach to Gary Toner, $32,315.

1440-1446 Abbott Rd., 1440 Abbott Road Inc. to Peter Vinolus, $177,000.

129 Coit St., Lucious Heflin to Ronnie Pilcher, $6,000.

17 Beatrice, Richard May, Jane May to Michele Holmes, $70,000.

299 Northland Ave., Levell Williamson to Nationsbanc Mortgage Corp., $32,344.

373 Eden Ave., Robert Moredock to Catherine Miller, $60,000.

20 Copeland Pl., Jacqueline Schleicher to Timothy Nowak, Dawn Nowak, $56,000.

22 Plymouth, Joseph Schichtel, James Kelley to Jose Palma, Carmen Palma, $53,000.

78 Richmond, David Maiman to Kathleen Mcgowan, $47,500.

78 Richmond, Elegra Carey to John Baity, $18,000.

634 Eggert Rd., Charles Schmidt to Melvin Yost, $42,000.

33 Bradley St., Nicholas Spratz to Daniel Huber, $12,000.

336 Mystic St., Charlotte Ryan to Victoria Pagan, $37,500.

418 Lakefront Blvd., #1, Louis Tripoli to Paul Ohern, Anita Harden-Ohern, $133,000.

67 Poultney Ave., Robert Duplicki to Gerald Franklin, $49,900.

92 East St., Neighborhood Housing Black Rock-Riverside to Robert Stoll, Ann Stoll, $54,800.

18 Mccarthy Dr., The Marrano/Marc Equity Corp. to Samuel Bates, Marietta Knight-Bates, $172,000.

192 Corton St., Stella Selzler to Mary Guerra, $31,000.

184 Densmore St., Margaret Graber, Joseph Kelly to Donald Poleto, Emmaline Poleto, $74,000.

951 Lafayette Ave., Eliza Ferby to Donna Mcquiller, $43,000.

5 Mccarthy Dr., The Marrano/Marc Equity Corp. to Amos Rowsey, Helen Rowsey, $161,455.

130 Shepard St., Thomas Milligan to HUD, $41,472.

102 St., James Pl., Rebecca Naber, Rebecca Buster to Richard Mahaney, Karen Mahaney, $114,000.

138 E Delavan Ave., Vesta Cole to Leroy Sharp, $9,000.

109 Chatham Ave., Lawrence Gunzberg to Patricia Flaherty, $115,000.

162 Lancaster Ave., Nationscredit Financial Services Corp. to Mark Musone, $45,000.

55 Hobmoor, Gail Stotz, Deborah Stotz to Brad Rice, $87,500.

371 Villa Ave., NA Bankers Trust Co., to Cynthia Starr, $49,000.

454 Weimar St., Beverly Ther, Karen Lons to Donene Bruce, William Long, $65,000.

59 Morningstar, Todd Haney to Carlos Alvarado, $46,000.

33 Gates Cr, Partnership Breckenridge-Park Land Ltd. to Great Circle, $295,000.

95 Poultney Ave., John Shah, Jacquelyn Shah to United States Department of HUD, $13,537.

69 Alsace Ave., Timothy Nieves, Leslie Nieves to William Barrie, $76,436.

15 Evelyn St., HUD to Raymond Diebel, $41,828.

618 Lasalle Ave., HUD to University Heights CDA, $17,900.

46 Rawlins St., Joanne Collins to HUD, $24,361.

118 West Woodside, Susan Miller to Timothy Lorden, Kathleen Lorden, $33,000.

1300 East Ferry, Lavern Price to Jean Near, $16,000.

705 Walden Ave., Emil Byrski to David Cegielski, $11,500.

27 Kosciuszko St., Jack Rothman, Bernice Rothman to HUD, $15,648.

145 Ross Ave., Petar Golubic, Maria Golubic to Paul Brown, Cindy Brown, $73,000.

47 Ruhl, Judith Johnson, Sharon Garigen to Duke Simpson, Debra Peluso, $57,000.

213 Berkshire Ave., Citicorp Mortgage Inc. to 213 Berkshire Trust, Jay Swob, $5,150.

157 Hagen St., Phyllis Smith to Keybank National Association, $18,000.

146 Floss, Versatile Enterprises Inc. to Rosa Lamont, $38,600.

26 Mccarthy Dr., City of Buffalo Urban Renewal Agency to MJ Peterson/Forbes Housing Co., $11,000.

61 Dash St., Michelle Schumacher to Karl Stefaniak, $57,000.

906 Lovejoy Ave., Joan Berchou, Marjorie Mishik to Ty-Jaco Inc., $10,000.

91 Jewett Pkwy., Alan Main, Leslie Main to Jonathan Rodwin, Candace Rodwin, $149,900.

291 Mass & 634 W Utica, Town Express Inc. to Joseph Gott, $80,000.

209 Richmond Ave., Thomas Smith to Milagros Lofton, $82,000.

423 Parkdale Ave., James Schoonmaker to Secretary of HUD, $67,686.

26 Mcccarthy St., MJ Peterson/Forbes Housing Co. to Naomi Ferrette, $138,878.

131 Basswood Dr., Judy Weigold to Jeffrey Kowalewski, Julie Kowalewski, $66,000.

59 Barnabas Drive, Frank Fuchs, Virginia Fuchs to Barbara Sekuterski, $76,500.

41 Barrymore Rd., Susan Roeser to David Dicioccio, $61,000.

19 Chopin Place, James Gottman, Judy Gottman to Kathleen Sidote, $67,500.

57 John Brian Lane, Katherine Edsell to Craig Witherell, Paula Witherell, $78,000.

165 Merrymont Rd., Jeannette Kitzinger to Randall Garrett, Lisa Lundy, $78,500.

32 Morris Circle, Wanda Szewczyk to Kevin Rackley, Patricia Rackley, $70,000.

2739 Union Rd., Bernard Rusiniak to Timothy Caya, $290,000.

56 Heritage Ct., The Chester Augustyn Turst 121196 to Richard Piontek, Eileen Piontek-Larusch, $90,000.

51 Brown Ave., Charles Friedman, Mary Friedman to Robert Meier, $118,500.

248 Griffith St., Chester Michalek to Carl Sobkowiak, Frances Sobkowiak, $65,500.

7 Butternut Road, Linda Wojciechowski, Jennie Rosen to James Reville, $99,000.

110 Fontaine, James Novo, Shirley Novo to Patrick Ransbury, Kathleen Ransbury, $83,000.

152 Westland Parkway, Thomas Lindner to Judith Lindner, $84,000.

37 Anthony Ave., William Wanemaker, Shirley Wanemaker to Eric Kazmierczak, Theresa Kazmierczak, $95,000.

94 Vern Lane, Olga Yanik, John Yanik to Chester Kaczynski, Lynda Kaczynski, $79,500.

40 Atlantic Ave., Brenda Gontarek, Barbara Smith to Allen Uhle, Shirley Uhle, $61,000.

V/L 9220 Main St., David Quinn, Judith Quinn to Robert Nuchereno, Arthur Judelsohn, $160,000.

5887 Bent Brook, Ian Buckle, Shirley Buckle to Theodore Costich, Robin Costich, $229,500.

5235 Fox Trace, The Marrano/Marc Equity Corp. to Raymond Manno, Patricia Manno, $296,950.

6316 Cloverleaf Cir, Dorothy Stahlnecker to Joy Ricotta, $274,900.

9063 Orchid Ledge, Arthur Engl, Betty Engl to Stuart Ferguson, $155,000.

9498 Boxwood Dr., 5851 Goodrich Road Inc. to Mark-Wilson Building & Development Corp., $29,900.

4530 Gunnville Rd., Secretary of Veterans Affairs, United States of America to Philip Caltagirone, Margaret Caltagirone, $75,002.

8201 Old Post Road East, Timothy Murray, Karen Murray to Robert Drzewiecki, Diana Drzewiecki, $195,000.

6330 Walnut Creek Dr., International Filler Corp. to Carlos Peredo, Mercedes Muniz-Peredo, $216,000.

8335 Bridlewood Dr., Alkit Enterprises Inc. to Walter Ludwig, Elizabeth Ludwig, $174,000.

Vacant Land-5760 Goodrich, Thomas Koltoniak, Henrietta Koltoniak to Kathleen Chubb, $32,000.

8815 Woodside Drive, Philip Hammond, Ruth Hammond to Stefan Buczak, Jill Barcikowski, $125,750.

5524 Oakfield Lane, Michael Mintun, Sonia Mintun to Joseph Berexa, Patricia Berexa, $272,000.

8233 Golden Oak Circle, KNF Ventures/Cimato Bros Joint Venture to Forbes Homes Inc., $52,500.

8233 Golden Oak Circle, Forbes Homes Inc. to Thomas Grolemund, Terry Grolemund, $269,000.

5025 Winding Lane, Carole Kashin to Alan Main, Leslie Main, $196,000.

Blanchard Rd., V/L, Ronald Solem, Ruth Solem to Allen Kick, Jeanne Kick, $19,500.

9026 Knapp Rd., Valerie Elinski to Philip Elinski, Valerie Elinski, $10,000.

S-8843-49 State Rd., Raymond Connor to Joseph Dillsworth, Janet Dillsworth, $150,000.

3816 Schintzius Rd., Stanley Dombroski to James Millspaugh, Jennifer Preston, $74,000.

631 Winspear Rd., Michael Domanowski, Cynthia Domanowski to Daniel Cronmiller, Mary Cronmiller, $215,000.

51 Fairway Dr., Martin Lambert, Patricia Godfrey-Lambert to John Landahl, Nancy Landahl, $165,000.

9128 Waterman Rd., Robert Mekeel, Debra Mekeel to Dennis Szuniewicz, Margaret Szuniewicz, $31,900.

9220 Lakeside, Lucille Mancinelli to Ronald Mabry, Sharon Mabry, $90,000.

132 Reeves Rd., John Hoefer, Jean Hoefer to David Stout, Janet Stout, $40,000.

7274 Beechwood Rd., Charles Danzi, Jeanne Danzi to James Purcell, $76,000.

1343 Peppertree Dr., Marjorie Skobjak, Marjorie Senior to Julie Steinbrenner, $78,759.

340 Wilson Ave., Edward Conradi, Allison Conradi to Midfirst Bank, $36,996.

9466 Erie Rd., Carmela Farrugello to Alissa Wichlacz, Mary Wichlacz, $65,000.

V/L Fix Rd., John Corrao, Maureen Corrao to David Booker, Cynthia Booker, $25,000.

Staley Rd., Investors Choice Real Estate Inc., Metro First Choice Realty to Riverside Finance Corp., $77,000.

Staley Rd., Riverside Finance Corp. to Ronald Fortman, $50,000.

1587 Bronson Rd., Alan Swiderski to Timothy Phillips, $139,000.

179 Laurie Lane, Richard Hanratty, Maryann Hanratty to George Woloszyn, Renee Woloszyn, $110,000.

208 South Lane, Jane Oliverio to Todd Callen, Christina Callen, $106,000.

5137 Adler Ct., J&M Construction Services Inc. to Eric Sands, Belinda Sands, $149,900.

Vl Third St., Buffalo Crushed Stone Inc. to James Antonio, Nancy Antonio, $7,000.

Vl Woodlawn Ave., Buffalo Crushed Stone Inc. to James Antonio, Nancy Antonio, $21,000.

3422 Emerling Dr., Richard Kelly, Kathleen Kelly to Andrew Bojczuk, Michelle Zelasko, $87,000.

3987 Summerway Lane, Allan Kick, Jeanne Kick to Sheila Butcher, $116,500.

4166 Norway Pl., Thomas Offhaus, Edith Offhaus to James Hewitt, Nancy Hewitt, $96,000.

3011 Cloverbank Rd., U46, Burke Brothers Construction Inc. to Ronald Baldelli, Eleanor Baldelli, $139,665.

4330 Berkley Place, Berkley Place Inc. to Judith Apthorp, $74,900.

3427 Creekview Dr., The Marrano/Marc Equity Corp. to Francis Walsh, Karen Walsh, $204,140.

3427 Creekview Dr., Peter Liberatore to Peter Liberatore, Carol Liberatore, $100,000.

3645 Lakeview Rd., Savmont Inc. to Alliance Construction of WNY Inc., $25,000.

100 Raymond St., Carol Gordon-Partnitzke, Carol Gordon to Antonio Rebelo, Donna Rebelo, $70,000.

3011 Cloverbank Rd., U44, Burke Brothers Construction Inc. to Lawrence Gentile, Renata Gentile, $173,146.

3257 Queens Lane, Stuart Harper, Laura Harper to Daniel Covelli, $130,000.

114 Lake Ave., Thomas Cosnyka, Alison Cosnyka to Rose Fusco, $48,000.

134 Orchard Ave., Josephine Gutkowski to Dennis Blaszak, Kathy Blaszak, $75,000.

2151 Portside Dr., Louis Maino, Cynthia Maino to Darren Bell, $134,900.

318 Enchanted Forest N, Essex Homes of WNY Inc. to George Mackay, Marie Mackay, $129,800.

34 Hill Valley Dr., Hillview Estates Development Corp. to David Desmet, Michele Schmidt, $189,900.

3 Riemers Ave., The Marrano/Marc Equity Corp. to Elsie Posner, $117,710.

94 Marengo St., Diane Fallacaro to Gail Darrow, $15,500.

3 Cobblestone Ct., Glenhollow Associates to Donato Developers Inc., $34,400.

3 Cobblestone Ct., Donato Developers Inc. to Mark Capitani, Patricia Capitani, $128,000.

Vl William St., Dennis Hart to Anthony Bianchi, Margaret Bianchi, $40,000.

138 & 140 Main St., Robert Lichtenthal to Nicholas Capozzi, $51,000.

V/L Pavement Rd., James Guenther, Lola Guenther to RJF Development, $400,400.

54 South Irwinwood, Maurice Brett to Janice Burzynski, $78,000.

47 Burke Dr., Jabrey Eljahmi to The Chase Manhattan Bank NA, $78,643.

188 Warsaw, Dorothy Weber, Judith Bekasi to Antoinette Packard, David Hearn, $45,000.

153 Meadowbrook Dr., Chester Klimowicz, Virginia Klimowicz to Dennis Bodziak, Mary Bodziak, $108,000.

18 Cedar St., Thomas Fix to Donald Smith, Rebecca Smith, $54,000.

3830 North Freeman Rd., Janice Watters to Kurt Ulrich, $104,975.

24 Quaker Lake Ter, Timothy Poynton, Ethel Poynton to Thomas Offhaus, Edie Offhaus, $158,500.

Fairway Subdivision, Highland Hills Inc. to Essex Homes of WNY Inc., $127,500.

12969 Deerfied Dr., Ronald Macaskill, Marjorie Macaskill to Zeno Lee, Esther Lee, $87,900.

12829 W Schutt Rd., Albert Ludwig, Priscilla Ludwig to Theodore Krolick, $85,000.

10145 Savage Road, Michael Schmidt to Eric Powell, $67,000.

34 Hackett Dr., Eleanor Pawlaczyk, Joseph Pawlaczyk to Colleen Brady, $70,000.

90 Fuller Ave., Ruth Bach to David Ricci, Janet Ricci, $44,000.

386 Adam St., Harold Nichols to Betty Sperrazza, $62,000.

87 Linden Ave., Eileen Ryan to Patrick Kelly, Tracy Kuchta, $80,000.

31 Keller Ave., Thomas Leonhard to Stephen Simon, $51,000.

275 Koenig Road, Margaret Whiteside, Jack Whiteside to Thomas Pytlewski, Stephanie Gruszka, $55,000.

293 Irving Terrace, Kerry Washburn, Kerry Washburn to James Juzysta, Janis Juzysta, $92,000.

21 Cobb St., TA Title Insurance Co. to David Sutter, $38,000.

26 Guenther, George Booth to Elizabeth Garneau, $98,000.

100 Mayville Ave., Ruth Parkinson to Stephen Carroll, Doreen Carroll, $58,000.

170 Mang Ave., Donald Gulick, Adelle Gulick to Russell Carver, $70,000.

268 Joseph Dr., Paul Sorci, James Sorci to Thomas Mangione, Lisa Militello, $107,000.

494 Harrison Ave., Shirley Closson, Shirley Closson-Edwards to Barbara Seiferth, $64,000.

63 Park Rd., Edward Huntley, Lillian Huntley to Frank Peluso, Rita Peluso, $80,000.

53 Paige Ave., David Ray, Cynthia Ray to Federal National Mortgage Association, $73,236.

77 Newell Ave., Carol Palmeri to Peter Fuhrey, Janice Fuhrey, $79,000.

11 Wendover Ave., Gottstein Family Living Trust to David Pizarro, Pamela Pizarro, $97,500.

98 Mullen St., George Joyes, Karen Joyes to Sharon Derrick, $72,500.

289 Nassau Ave., Paul Rackl to John Loukataris, Danielle Loukataris, $80,000.

127 Bannard Ave., Elwood Woelfel to Marvin Liebler, Lucille Liebler, $75,000.

5410 East Creek Road, Kathleen Vail to Kevin Krawczyk, $46,000.

6466 Olean Road, Dianne Paul, Florence Paul to Laura Paulus, Florence Paul, $67,000.

5370 Seneca St., Louise Ferrino to Sharon Acker, $97,000.

85 Willowcrest, Lynda Opiela, Lynda Pruski to Andrew Werner, $91,000.

151 Elmsford Dr., Alexander Biellak to Pasquale Cristiano, Lisa Cristiano, $90,000.

830 Union Rd., Burton Klein, Cynthia Klein to Vasiliki Xarli, $115,000.

64 Aurora Ave., Helen Stokes to Jesse Mroz, Maryann Mroz, $69,000.

76 Round Trail, Joseph Santucci to Thomas Pustulka, Katherine Pustulka, $114,000.

239 Ansley Ct., Donald Sprandel, Nancy Sprandel to Eric Eynon, Deborah Ross, $77,600.

154 Orchard Park Rd., Robert F Hirt DVM PC to Theodore Winkle, $435,000.

73 Oakbrook Dr., James Fagan, Nancy Fagan to William Zwolinski, Jean Zwolinski, $110,000.

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