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Every sport, obviously, has its own set of rules. Most of the rules are very specific, and many of the rules are quantified in terms of time, area, distance, etc., to avoid misinterpretation and/or confusion as much as possible. Most rule books have extra sections to go over special, frequent situations not covered specifically in the rules section.

In baseball, the rule book is very clear and specific about the strike zone.

Watching last Sunday's Atlanta vs. Florida playoff game, especially watching the umpire call balls and strikes, made me a bit angry. Where in the rule book does it say the ump can have his own strike zone? I understand an ump or ref can interpret some of the rules, but the strike zone? As you grow up and practice, you have a base of reference as a batter as to what is a strike and what is a ball. This now means your base of reference has to change with each ump?

There are certain, traditional, basic rules that are sacred -- the strike zone is one of those rules, just as 60 feet, 6 inches and 90 feet. You can move the fences, make them higher, goose up the ball, soften the ball, put cork in the bat, make larger gloves, etc., but let's keep the strike zone the strike zone.

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