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I grew up in Lockport, then I lived in Niagara Falls and Rochester. I have been a die-hard Sabres fan since 1974. I live in Georgia now, so I know my voice doesn't count, since only money (ticket sales) counts to this once proud team.

The blue and gold were and always will be the colors of the Sabres. My family and friends always got me things with the logo, and knew I would love it. No more. I will not have anything with that new logo or colors. Why can't the Sabres at least compromise with the fans and have different jerseys like Montreal and the Rangers?

Pride and tradition once meant something to this club, but the way in which Ted Nolan was treated was cause for great alarm. Then when they traded Pat LaFontaine for what amounted to a bucket of pucks because they could not afford his contract, I could only lower my eyes in shame.

When will you please listen to the fans? Dominik Hasek is not and never will be a Sabre in the tradition that I grew to love. When was the last time a Sabre ever got booed during the introduction for the season opener?

A friend in Buffalo sends all articles from The News so I can keep up. I also have access on the internet. The Sabres page is the worst in the NHL (on Oct. 8 the "news" was Lindy Ruff named as coach).

Please take this team back to when tradition, loyalty and hard work, even if you were "injured," meant something and was rewarded. Once upon a time, a city and its fans were heard loud and clear to say, "Thank you, Sabres." Now all we can say is Sabres, followed by a long sigh.
Dallas, Ga.

We want Ranger games

Alan Pergament wrote a story Oct. 10 about some Buffalo-area TCI subscribers being able to see the last parts of Pat LaFontaine's New York Ranger debut on the Madison Square Garden network. Afterward the TCI people remarked that it was an accident and that it wouldn't happen again, to protect the Buffalo Sabres "product exclusivity."

Hey TCI (and Adelphia): It's no mistake! After the recent Sabres' dealings with Ted Nolan (no thanks to Dominik Headcase) and LaFontaine, and considering there are New York Rangers fans in this area (college students, transplanted folks and, like myself, new-fangled fans), it's only right that those of us who have MSG should be able to see the Rangers games. We get to see the Yankees play baseball and the Knicks play basketball, right?

In the 1982-83 season, we were able to see Boston Bruins games on WSBK, New York Rangers and Islanders games on WOR, and Toronto Maple Leafs games on CHCH, besides the Sabres TV and cablecasts . . . all on International Cable Systems. Whoever it was that decided to take these choices away was a fool.

If we are to enjoy having MSG on our cable systems, then we ought to be able to enjoy all possible sportscasts on that channel. Why should only those who have satellite dishes be able to see the Rangers? That luxury should be available to all who have MSG on their cable TVs.

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