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It is appalling to hear from the people who will no longer "support" the Sabres because of the trading of Pat LaFontaine. These are the same people who actually booed the Sabres after an off period during last year's magical run. That kind of support the Sabres do not need. I hope these people do not get hit by the arena door on the way out and that they do not try to get back in when they hear the applause and cheers inside.

To blame Larry Quinn and Darcy Regier for this is shooting the messenger. The Sabres are trying to control their payroll in order to survive. That decision has to come from ownership. Quinn and Regier would have lost their jobs long ago if that were not the case.

All I know is that if I missed half of my workdays over a six-year period, for whatever reason, I would not have lasted that long. The people in this blue collar town should understand Pat being traded on that aspect alone. I am glad he is gone. He is one well-placed elbow away from having his kids feeding him their baby food, and I do not want that blood on my hands.

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