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Kenmore-Town of Tonawanda Superintendent Robert McClure: Base Salary: $119,616.

Perks include:

1. Split-dollar life insurance plan in which the district pays $12,000 a year in premiums for 15 years, even if his employment ends. McClure, who is leaving in January, recently agreed to let the district out of the agreement.

2. Up to $5,000 a year for a district-leased car which can be used for professional and personal use. District pays for gasoline, oil and repairs not covered by the warranty.

3. 25 vacation days; 69 sick days, plus 12 additional sick days at beginning of each new year. Contract says that he can accumulate up to 80 sick days but does not say whether that can be cashed in. He may cash in vacation days, which would amount to $12,460 for 25 days. *********************

2. Williamsville Superintendent Ann B. Fuqua Base Salary: $118,000

Perks include: 1. $5,000 a year to defray local business-related driving expenses.

2. 26 vacation days; 50 sick days. May cash out 40 days of vacation if she leaves. At her current pay, that would be $19,666. Can't cash in sick days.


3. West Seneca Superintendent Richard Sagar Base Salary: $99,250

Perks include: 1. Use of district-owned car, a 1991 Bonneville, at a cost of about $200 to $300 a year. The car is for business only and was granted in lieu of a raise last year.

2. 26 vacation days; credited with 15 sick days, plus 15 more each year of his employment. He can cash in a maximum of 180 sick days when he leaves, the cost of which would be $74,437 at his current pay. He can also cash in up to 26 vacation days when he leaves, at cost of $10,752 at current pay rate.


4. Frontier Central School Superintendent Gerald P. Glose Base Salary: $102,526 Perks include: 1. Up to 30 vacation days, five of which can be cashed in each year; 24 sick days a year, up to 250 of which can be cashed in at retirement at varying rates. 2. Longevity payments of $1,200, included in base salary. 3. $1,200 stipend for having a doctorate, in addition to his base salary. ******************************************

5. Former Hamburg Central School District Superintendent Donald Ogilvie Base Salary: $103,000 Perks Include: 1. If district health insurance is not required, he can receive up to $3,700 in reimbursement for uninsured medical costs. 2. District reimburses him amount not to exceed 2 percent of annual salary, or about $2,060, for "activities related to his professional development." 3. $350 a month transportation allowance. 4. 30 days of vacation, with a maximum of 90 that can be cashed in at end of employment. May also accumulate and cash in up to 220 sick days at varying rates.