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I was particularly amused by a recent letter entitled, "Drop the bingo games," in which the writer blasted the Catholic Church on two issues.

First, he urged churches to drop their bingo games because they are "held in God's house." This silly accusation is not based on facts. I know of no Catholic Church that holds bingo in the place of worship. The games are usually played in a hall or cafeteria.

Also, while bingo may not be the most ideal way to raise funds, it does generate valuable revenue for not only the church, but for many Catholic schools as well. Without bingo as a viable source of income, many of these schools would be forced to close.

Second, the writer scoffs at the "Come Home" program, designed to welcome back alienated Catholics. What's wrong with that? To suggest that the Church can maintain an aura of perfection, never alienating anybody, is absurd. The Catholic Church should be credited with calling back those who have been hurt.

As a young adult Catholic who attends school full time and works 25 hours a week, I still find time to coordinate two youth programs at my church. My active involvement provides me with a far different view than that of the writer. For a person on the outside looking in, it may appear that the church promotes financial success as a top priority. However, bingo is not the be-all and end-all of the church, nor is money.

The writer should quit wasting his time wishing for "old-time religion" and become actively involved in the church.


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