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Cannon thundered, air raid sirens wailed and reverent children sang to the memory of Ernesto "Che" Guevara" on Friday, when the remains of the man who roamed the world spreading revolt came to their final resting place.

Fidel Castro led the Cuban people in paying homage to the legendary guerrilla leader.

"Why did they think that by killing him, he would cease to exist as a fighter?" Castro asked, speaking atop the vast mausoleum built for Guevara's newly returned remains. "Today he is in every place, wherever there is a just cause to defend.

"His unerasable mark is now in history and his luminous gaze of a prophet has become a symbol for all the poor of this world," Castro said.

The ceremony capped a weeklong commemoration of Guevara, 30 years after the man who helped Castro take power in Cuba died in an abortive effort to export the revolution to Bolivia.

Hundreds of thousands of Cubans turned out to see Guevara's flag-draped wooden coffin make its final journey from Havana to the ornate shrine in Santa Clara, a city of 220,000 that is the site of Guevara's greatest military victory.

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