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I am outraged by the statements made by wildlife biologist Joseph Dell in a recent letter. One can only wonder what possessed him to say, "Conversely, the animal-rights movement in the United States was activated more than 20 years ago without seeking consultation with trained wildlife experts or studying wildlife ecology -- nor has it done so since." This statement has no basis in fact.

Animal-rights organizations all over the nation not only consult with experts, but many of them have scientists, biologists and other experts as part of their staff.

Locally, activists have dedicated a lot of time studying wildlife ecology and wildlife management. Many have attended state and national conferences on wildlife and the environment.

Furthermore, one doesn't necessarily have to have a degree in something to be effective. What is important is to have the willingness and ability to draw on the expertise of others.

For example, a mother recognizes when her child is ill and seeks medical help to remedy the situation. So it is with animal advocates. They become aware of something wrong in a wildlife management system and reach out to professionals for help.

Mel Weichman Tonawanda

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