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The group home for disabled adults at 6566 Milestrip Road, Orchard Park, will be developed by the Western New York Developmental Disabilities Office, a spokesman for the state said this week.

Neighboring residents had objected to the project, claiming the driveway at the site was too small to accommodate staff and visitors, especially at shift changes. The state Office of Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities arranged for additional parking at the Provincetown Apartments next to the one-family home.

The Town Board had 40 days to oppose the site but did not.

"We were offered the option of choosing an alternative site," said Town Supervisor Dennis J. Mill. "But our policy is to not get into selecting sites for projects like this. This is not a town project; and wherever it is located, there would be complaints."

The house will be purchased for $150,000 and converted for at least $50,000. An in-ground swimming pool may be filled in, state spokesmen said.

Up to seven persons will live in the 2,300 square-foot home with two staff members present at all times. Three residents are confined to wheelchairs and one is blind. Five of the prospective residents have relatives in Orchard Park.

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