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I've just spent more than $50 on stakes, boards and signs to post my land against hunting. I am furious that I have to go through this every year just to try to keep hunters off my land. It is land that I bought and pay taxes on so that I could enjoy the wildlife there in peace.

But each year, I have a confrontation with the guys in camouflage. My signs are ripped down or have holes shot into them. I often find human footprints in the mud following deer hoof marks -- obvious clues that my signs are not beingrespected.

Why are the laws so favorable to hunters and so unfair to landowners? I was infuriated after receiving a sheet from the Department of Environmental Conservation listing the regulations for posting. If I post my land against hunting, I have to pay for the signs myself. If I agree to put up "Ask Me" signs that tell hunters to get my permission to hunt, the DEC will provide them free of charge! So if I let hunters on my property, I get help -- if I don't, I'm on my own.

Why can't we change the rules so that those who want to allow hunting on their land have to post "For Hunting" signs and those who don't want hunting on their land don't have to do anything? Let those who hunt have the responsibility and cost for posting the land. It would only be fair.

To add insult to injury, I just found out there is a plan in the works to allow Sunday hunting permanently. Since people who aren't hunters are in the majority, why can't we stop this Sunday hunting law?

Judy Morris Tonawanda

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