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Anyone who believes that equality between the sexes has reached new heights has not tried to purchase or lease a new car recently. I had this dubious honor and am thoroughly disgusted at the way I was treated as a 31-year-old business professional. For example: "When will the decision-maker be coming with you?" "We are only trying to be honest with you because studies show that women are intimidated by buying cars."

When I was two days away from taking delivery on a new vehicle, I was informed by a sales associate that he had made a mistake in figuring the residual value of the vehicle by looking in an expired bank book, changing the price by over $40 a month. I finally came to an agreement, but only after stooping to their level. A male friend accompanied me to the dealership and, lo and behold, I got the price I had been requesting.

These dealerships should realize that times have changed and many women are in a position to purchase their own vehicles without "daddy" or "hubby" being involved.

Linda M. Fiscus Lancaster

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