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This week's Super Saver hint comes from Robert McMahon of Buffalo, who writes:

"About a year ago, I began carrying a dozen or so $1 coupons in my wallet next to my cash. I did this so I wouldn't lose the coupons, but I found this to be so handy when I run into the store, and often one of the coupons that I have in my wallet is redeemed on a sale item.

"If I didn't do this, I would forget the coupons at home. Having them in my wallet for staple items reminds me to redeem them, since I make eye contact with the coupons on occasions other than during grocery shopping. This may not be a real brain teaser of a hint, but it sure has made me use my coupons more effectively."

Today's offers

Up to $9 Rayovac rebate. The proof for this offer is the UPC from a Rayovac Alkaline or Heavy Duty Value Pack or a blister card Alkaline or Heavy Duty batteries. For $2 each, send the UPC from an Alkaline Value Pack (limit $4). For $1, send the UPC from a blister card Alkaline Battery package (limit $2) or the UPC from a Heavy Duty Value Pack (limit $2). For 50 cents, send the UPC from a Heavy Duty blister pack (limit $1). Also send dated and circled cash register receipts. Required store form must be received by March 15, 1998.

Up to $3.19 Heinz Balsamic Vinegar refund. To receive a purchase-price refund up to $3.19, send the UPC from a Heinz Balsamic Vinegar bottle, plus a dated and circled cash register receipt. Hangtag form required. Expires Dec. 31, 1998.

Send any questions or problems regarding coupons and refunding to Super Saver, along with a self-addressed, stamped envelope, in care of The Buffalo News, P.O. Box 639, Libertyville, Ill. 60048.

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