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It is with some anger and much grief that we write this letter. We recently put a leash on our small terrier and took him for a walk in our West Seneca neighborhood. In the past, we have encountered several large dogs, unleashed and roaming the streets. Several times, a dog has dashed at us trying to reach our pet, but we always succeeded in lifting him out of harm's way.

Unfortunately, our luck ran out. Just two blocks from our house, a large dog running free in its owner's front yard ran across the street and viciously attacked our dog. There was no warning, no hesitation. Our dog was left in a pool of blood in the street and died shortly afterward.

The owners have a fenced yard but didn't use it. They claim it was only "this one time" their dog was out. But once is enough to cause serious harm and grief. We lost a healthy and loving pet because someone carelessly broke the law.

We urge all pet owners to take the leash law seriously. It is there to protect people and their pets. If neighbors insist on letting their dogs run unrestrained, call the dog warden.

Ken and Pam Sroka West Seneca

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