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The Legislative Chambers in the Niagara County Courthouse will undergo their first major face-lift in decades, Legislature Clerk Thomas M. Jaccarino said.

The Legislature has appropriated $83,000 for the first phase of the work, which will be done primarily by employees of the Public Works Department. The second phase, including an expanded caucus room for the majority party, is expected during 1998.

Jaccarino said the goal is to make the chambers look more impressive.

"This is where the county laws are made. It should look professional . . . a little more formality, a little more class," he said.

The layout of the meeting room itself will not be changed, although it will be spruced up significantly.

The walls separating the public seating area from a seldom-used coatroom have already been knocked down, resulting in an expanded gallery. Public Works Commissioner Dorson R. Wilson said the next move is to raise the elevation of the officials seated at the front of the room.

The dais will be widened to lift the desks for the county attorneys and the assistant clerk about a foot off the floor to make them more visible. The seats for the chairman and the clerk, in the center of the dais, will be raised further.

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