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So the editorial staff at The News is of the opinion that Gov. Pataki erred in vetoing a bill that would have required every New York State driver to take an annual eye test at the Department of Motor Vehicles to renew a driver'slicense, regardless of age.

The current certification by mail policy has been in effect since 1994, yet The News doesn't have any hard facts or statistics to back up its contention that the current system is problematic. If there is a problem, let's see some proof before the ever-vigilant State Legislature passes a law that inconveniences millions of people.

The News does state one statistic that is lame beyond belief. "Only 12 other states use self-certification." Wow, could it be that New York is for once among the progressive 25 percent that realize any reduction of useless government red tape makes life easier for its citizens? Maybe in five years, that number will be 20 other states.

Besides, think how much less crowded the roads will be without everyone having to make that extra trip to their friendly DMV office.

Gov. Pataki did the right thing in vetoing this absurd bill. To sign it would have been a step backward reminiscent of the "in-your-face" attitude of the Cuomo administration.


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