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Last year, we had season tickets to the Bills games. This year we could not afford to buy them all at once, so I thought I would start by taking my wife and daughter to the opening game. I called the stadium box office, as I had done in the past, to purchase three tickets in the upper M section of the visitors side.

I had planned to put it on my charge, as usual. However, this time I was told that if I wasn't buying more than 20 tickets I would have to go to Ticketmaster or come out to the stadium.

So I proceeded to call Ticketmaster, only to learn that I would have to pay an additional $3.75 surcharge per ticket, as well as an extra $1.50 handling fee -- a total of $12.75 in additional charges. I had planned to go to most of the games, but now . . . I think not!

BRYAN P. McKENNA North Tonawanda

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