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One has to wonder whether ownership of the Buffalo Sabres has been transferred to Larry Quinn and Darcy Regier. If not, where are the owners? The actions taken by these two individuals are an insult and an embarrassment to the fans and the team and have made the Sabres the laughingstock of the NHL. What's next on their agenda -- not signing Peca so they can be sure to turn the fans away more than they already have?

Pat LaFontaine stated that Seymour Knox would never have allowed anyone to be treated the way Quinn and Regier treated him. I believe this to be true and I also believe he would not have let them get rid of Ted Nolan. Was hiring Gil Perreault supposed to pacify the fans? Funny how there was plenty of money to do that as I'm sure he didn't take the job out of the goodness of his heart.

Doesn't it seem strange that there hasn't even been any talk or interest about the upcoming season? Thanks to Larry Quinn and Darcy Regier, "the thrill is gone."

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