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I would like to thank the Buffalo Bills and the Erie County Legislature. Because of them I finally have a reason to quit smoking and drinking and at the same time eliminate another tax on me as a resident of New York State, land of taxes.

In agreeing to all of Ralph Wilson's terms for a new lease on a stadium owned by Erie County, I think we as over-taxed taxpayers should speak up and make some demands of our own.

1. Of the final roster, 75 percent of players, coaches, administration and staff will reside year-round in Erie County.

2. When Rich Stadium (or whatever Ralph wants to call our stadium) is restructured for new luxury boxes, the total seats available to the general public should match the NFL stadium average. Sellouts would become more probable and the elderly, the confined and the working stiffs could view the game.

3. For every coach on the staff who has reached retirement age, someone young with new ideas must be hired. Watching senility set in is not a pretty sight, especially on national television.

4. Hire someone for the ticket department with some creative marketing skills. Don't punish people who want to buy single-game seats. Weren't we honored as the 12th man?

5. Play to win every game, preseason or regular season. How come other coaching staffs can win preseason games while still looking at new talent? Maybe some younger eyes are needed to win and evaluate talent at the same time.

6. At halftime have the flexibility to redevelop the game plan if the original isn't working. In other words, make adjustments during the second half.

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