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I'm a Sabres season-ticket holder for nearly 27 years (since Jan. '71) who has attended more than 1,000 games. I saw excerpts of Northrup Knox's recent embarrassing news conference in which he castigated the media and defended the organization's actions in the Muckler/Nolan/LaFontaine situations. He praised Larry Quinn. He said the actions of John Muckler and Ted Nolan were "intolerable." From management's perspective, that may be true.

From a fan's perspective, what is "intolerable" is having an egomaniac who is a rank amateur in hockey operations dismiss both the executive and coach of the year simply because he found no way to resolve their differences.

What is "intolerable" is being repeatedly and continuously lied to by management in the LaFontaine matter. What is "intolerable" is management's apparently unshakeable belief in the innate, inexhaustible stupidity and gullibility of Buffalo fans.

I attended my 28th Sabres opening night Oct. 7. For the first time ever, I did so without any enthusiasm. For the first time ever -- in over 1,000 games -- I didn't cheer Sabre goals and didn't care who won. Nearly all those seated near me behaved likewise.

Sabres' upper management is as dysfunctional as the British royal family. Like them, it is time to step aside.

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