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A recent editorial in The News endorsing the incumbent appointee to Buffalo City Court was despicable and shameful.

Both Frank Falzone and Tim Franczyk were defense lawyers and as such there is basis for a genuine comparison.

With the incumbent's defense experience, The News states: "Franczyk spent some time . . . as a defense lawyer in private practice, so he has seen things from both sides of the courtroom aisle."

On the other hand, Falzone's private practice experience as a defense lawyer is characterized with the following language: "He's been involved in some of the area's more noteworthy murder trials in a defense practice that primarily handles criminal cases."

Both lawyers' expertise lies in "criminal law" -- one on the prosecution side and the other on the defense side.

But either side is criminal law and both are equally important to our judicial system. Furthermore, to be good on either side implies a solid foundation on the opposite side.

In addition, Falzone has civil litigation experience, an area of law in which Franczyk has little or no experience, but which is important to City Court.

The editorial also was unfair in the way it positioned a statement about criminal activity regarding "other leaders" of Local 210. There was never a question of the slightest impropriety, let alone criminal activity, during Falzone's administration of the union's benefit fund.

During his two-year administration, the Justice Department probably audited the benefit books more frequently and to a greater depth than they have ever done anywhere or to anyone.

Never was there the slightest hint of unethical or illegal behavior.


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