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I am just as distressed about losing Ted Nolan and having Garry Galley sign with the Los Angeles Kings and not to mention the Pat LaFontaine ordeal. I must admit these situations still leave me with a sense of animosity toward the Sabres. But I am not going to boycott the Sabres because of a few bad moves.

When you pay the $40-plus for a Sabre ticket, what you're paying to see is the hardest-working players in the NHL, not Darcy Regier or Larry Quinn. Was it the team's fault or management's fault? Was the loss of LaFontaine Derek Plante's fault? Or Mike Wilson's fault?

You can hate the management all you want, just don't hate the team. They did a great job in St. Louis and I look forward to many more games like that in the future. I go to a hockey game to see those 25 players. Good luck Sabres, go after another Northeast Division championship.

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