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All My Children: Upset to see Janet dating Trevor, Tim downloaded a computer article about Janet as a killer. Janet reminded Tim that they are family, and he has to deal with her. When Laura scolded Tim for being rude to Janet, he lashed out. Tad became a hero, impressing Gillian and Allie by accident. Jason told Kevin that he disgusts him. Stuart surprised Esther with a birthday cake. Brooke revealed her seductive side when Jim photographed her. Hayley and Mateo promised to keep up the pressure on the corporation that owns TGA. Coming: Erica defends herself publicly.

Another World: Josie survived her fall after being pushed from the window, but suffered a devastating loss. Toni was reinstated and arrested Rayburn. With Joe off to Italy for his grandfather's funeral, Josie accepted the position of Acting Captain. Meanwhile, Paulina was fearful over being left alone. Matt surprised Lila with a kiss. Carl insisted to Rachel that he's not having an affair, and accused Alex of trying to destroy their marriage. Carl then wondered if Matt and Amanda were conspiring against him. Coming: Paula keeps Cindy's secret about the pills.

As the World Turns: A persistent Holden finally got to see Lily, who informed him that Molly is pregnant. Nikki convinced Margo to take over the investigation she started on David. Lew comforted Camille when she received a threatening phone call and convinced her to stay at his hotel. Carly bit off more than she could chew, flirting with a stranger at Yo's. Jack learned about Carly's past from Emma, and her stay in Hong Kong from his contact there. Coming: A face off between Emily and Lucinda.

Bold and Beautiful: Lauren tried seducing Eric by singing him a torchy song in a club, but to her embarrassment, Eric said that he was so turned on that he was rushing home to romance Stephanie. As Taylor was about to phone Ridge to tell him the truth, she suffered a severe pain and began to bleed. Dr. Santana confined Taylor to bed and told Thorne that he must keep Ridge away from her. Grant and Macy admitted there was chemistry between them, but opted to keep their relationship professional for the sake of their work. Coming: Sheila makes demands on James.

Days of Our Lives: John and Hope were caught between risking death from the natives in order to retrieve the orchid needed for Roman's cure, or saving themselves but probably condemning Roman to die. Mike decided to move on with his life and asked Debra to stay in Rome and have a real holiday with him. Meanwhile, Sami was on her way to Rome in order to launch another scheme to get Austin back. T.C. paid Jack back for rescuing Jennifer from his advances, by beating up Jack in his cell. Coming: Jonesy shows a mysterious side.

General Hospital: Katherine was left in tears following Stefan's appearance when the General Hospital board voted on her dismissal. Luke suggested to Katherine that she get even with Stefan for publicly humiliating her. Monica urged A.J. to tell Alan the truth about Carly. Carly continued lying to Tony about Lorraine's agenda. V acted gracious to Brenda as the women got to know each other a little better. The artifact seeker spotted Felicia and Maxie. Coming: Alan faces a difficult personal test.

Guiding Light: Buzz regained consciousness but stunned Nola when he revealed that he's lost his memory. Ed and Jesse reached a level of understanding after their candid conversation. Josh found his family's home at Cross Creek in shambles and an unconscious Annie on the floor. Alan professed his love for Annie, but she told him to put his money where his mouth is, as they hatched yet another plan against Reva and Josh. Coming: Jenna and Vanessa offer support to each other.

One Life to Live: Tea antagonized Blair a bit too much, prompting Blair to push her out the window. Andrew and Todd had a confrontation that turned physical. With Tea recovering, Todd acted as his own attorney in court and put his case in jeopardy. Carlotta got approval to be Eli's foster parent, but the news sat poorly with Cris, who planned to move out. Ian and Kelly shared a romantic moment. Max made a difficult decision regarding Al. Coming: R.J.'s past catches up with him.

Port Charles: Still drugged, Scott asked Eve to look after Serena, and mistook Lucy for Dominique. When Scott finally overcame his reluctance and showed up at the hospital for treatment, he had another drug-induced episode, which Bennett saw. Pressed by Frank, Bennett admitted that he had set up the job offer, for Frank and for Julie. Chris tried to defend himself when Joe and Karen accused him of sabotaging Kevin's IV. Matt approached Boardman with options that would enable him to operate. Coming: An unwitting Scott pays a big price.

Sunset Beach: Ben turned up on Meg's front porch in Kansas and explained to her how Annie had manipulated everything between them. Realizing that Tim had been in cahoots with Annie, Ben flattened him. Virginia used Jimmy to prevent Michael and Vanessa from going away on a romantic weekend. Gabi was forced to maintain her lie about being raped by Ricardo, and feared she would be found out when the police questioned her. Caitlin insisted that she won't rest until she learns who Cole was in the hotel room with, unaware it was Olivia. Coming: Olivia faces a medical crisis.

Young and Restless: Nina menaced Tricia with a gun as Ryan burst in. Tricia fled, and Ryan and Nina struggled for the gun, which went off, critically wounding her. Ashley wondered about her future with Cole now that Victoria's back home. Neil's fertility test results were normal, and the doctor suggested that Dru be tested. Danny confronted Phyllis about her relationship with Michael. Phyllis phoned Brian with more threats just as Paul was questioning him. Doris warned Sharon not to let down her guard about Grace's interest in Nick. Coming: The police question Ryan about the battle.

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