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In response to Mary Beth Spina, who considered the original "Cleaver" family unrealistic, I beg to differ. As a wife and mother of six in the 1950s and '60s, I indeed wore heels, jewelry and pretty outfits daily for all my chores and still do.

How dare she compare us to bag ladies. Some people proudly exhibit a quality called self-respect and try to do the best we can with what Mother Nature and genetics have given us.

I have always maintained that it is just as easy to don a pretty dress as it is a baggy pair of pants and T-shirt. With all the wonderful wash-and-wear fabrics on the market, there is no excuse for not looking clean, neat and attractive every day. The campaign for comfort has been grossly exaggerated, and has turned our female community into an army of slobs.

Eve M. Klipfel Snyder

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