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Amherst Council Member Jim Hayes wasassailed in a letter by Mary Ellen Smolinski for declining to attend a candidate forum on the environment sponsored by the League of Conservation Voters. In his first term on the Amherst Town Board, Hayes has provided outstanding leadership on environmental issues.

The town's recycling program was improved, providing additional revenue. The town's composting program, which turns yard waste into productive fertilizer, was expanded to record-setting levels. Hayes also fought to reduce the use of pesticides in the mosquito-control program and to end the use of suspected carcinogenic chemicals.

He also voted to control development and preserve more than 1,200 acres of green space in the Sweet Home Road-Campbell Boulevard area and worked to protect precious farmlands through the use of conservation easements in North Amherst.

Furthermore, Mrs. Smolinski's claim that she and her organization do not show political favoritism rings hollow. She is the wife of a former county election commissioner. Who is she trying to kid?

Patricia Krzesinski Williamsville

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