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A state senator arrested on a charge of drunken driving asked the mayor to try to get him off the hook by visiting the police station at 3 a.m. to say he's "not such a bad guy," a videotape shows.

Sen. John R. Kuhl Jr., R-Hammondsport, also accused officers of mistreating him by placing him in handcuffs. "You guys are really pushing it," he says on camera at the police station.

Kuhl, 54, was found sleeping in his car with the engine running early Sept. 24.

He was said to have a blood alcohol content above 0.10 percent, the legal limit. He pleaded guilty to the blood alcohol level count and was fined $590 and had his driver's license revoked for six months.

A police videotape of Kuhl's conversations was made public this week after the Leader of Corning newspaper filed for disclosure under the state Freedom of Information law.

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