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Chautauqua County Executive Andrew Goodell Tuesday accused Assemblyman William Parment, D-North Harmony, of engaging in "dirty politics."

Parment earlier attacked Goodell over a report by the inspector general's office of the Appalachian Regional Commission that says the Chautauqua Revolving Loan Fund has not been well managed.

The review shows discrepancies in bookkeeping, missing loan records, and a higher-than-average loan loss rate.

But Goodell maintains those errors have been corrected since he got involved in 1995. He cited an ARC audit that year that praised Goodell for his support of the county Industrial Development Agency, which administers the loan fund.

Goodell said: "I am disappointed that they can't reconcile that fund to the last dollar. There have been a number of problems in the past. But I am pleased that independent federal audits, repeatedly, have acknowledged that past problems were addressed and that since 1993 no deficiencies were found in a federal audit."

He added: "I am deeply disappointed that Mr. Parment should initiate such a negative, inaccurate smear campaign just four weeks prior to the election."

Parment, who arranged for the state to repay $6 million to the once-depleted Al Tech Trust Fund, said the poor performances of both funds indicated that Goodell has not properly overseen the county Industrial Development Agency.

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