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Ookla the Mok. Now, there's a name you'd probably never expect for a band.

Ookla the Mok, made up of Tomas Luis Garcia, Adam English and Rand Bellavia, has been together for more than a year and has released a cool CD titled "Less Than Art."

Ookla the Mok's style runs along the lines of acoustic folk pop rock, underlined with a steady beat and fun ideas.

"Less Than Art" begins with a track appropriately titled "Number One." It's a fast-paced song with a great bass line that keeps your fingers snapping. The band has an incredible sense of humor that is most evident on this song as they sing about the effects of not having a bathroom on the Starship Enterprise! They have a great trombone solo.

"Arthur Curry" starts out with the theme from "Batman." I get the impression that these guys watched a lot of TV and read a lot of comic books when they were younger. Most of the songs on this CD incorporate references to both. For example, this track talks about how Aqua Man was treated unfairly as a character.

Ookla the Mok slows things down on the acoustic rocker "View Master," the best song on the CD. An interesting look at the guys' lost childhood, they sing about the shows they used to watch and all the toys they used to play with. Sure, it's a sad song, but Ookla the Mok addresses the topic with a new approach and a killer sense of humor.

For Track 5, the band combines every known commercial and crams it into "Still Can't Buy Me Love." This is a soft acoustic song, funny and touching.

"Haydn Seek" keeps the soft acoustic pace going, but it's a bit more serious-sounding than the other tracks.

"Fly" combines all the best parts of Ookla the Mok's talents. You'll be in awe as you hear them sing, "If I'm the sky then you're my stars/You know you're the only thing that keeps me coming back."

Ookla the Mok has a fresh new approach, and this CD is a must-have.

Vanessa Olszanski is a senior at Sweet Home High School.

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