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What are those yellow-lined areas in front of buildings and storefronts for? Why that's easy. They're for people who want to park close for a quick run in instead of going through the time and trouble of finding a parking space like everyone else. Wrong!

For the benefit of everyone, the yellow-striped areas are supposed to be left open for vehicles such as ambulances, fireengines and police cars in case of an emergency.

They are not parking spaces for lazy people!

Some may say: "So what? Everyone does it. What's the problem?" They are the problem. Think about the person needing medical assistance, the fire that may have just started or the robbery call the police are racing to. Any vehicles parked in the fire lane will hamper their efforts.

What might happen if an emergency occurs while a vehicle is parked in this zone? If there's a fire, the car could get hit with burning debris. If there's a robbery, the car could be used in the getaway or hit with gunfire. If there's a medical emergency, the car could be towed away.

Or maybe the driver could be sued by the victim's family for contributing to complications or even death due to the fact that paramedics could not reach the person in time.

Staying out of these fire/emergency lanes is not just "the law," it's a courtesy. But unfortunately, courtesy seems to have been forgotten today.

MARY BENZ Williamsville

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