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French chef Paul Bocuse laughs at the notion of fat-free cooking.

"Our duty is to be cooks, not doctors," Bocuse said. "If you want that kind of cooking, you go to a hospital or clinic."

People watching their weight don't have to go without, they just have to be tough.

"Good cuisine has never made anybody fat," Bocuse said Friday. "It's a question of discipline -- you don't help yourself twice, and after you've had a good dinner or lunch, you fast a little."

Bocuse, 71, still cooks, but spends most of his time supervising culinary disciples.

"Mr. Ferrari did not screw the bolts in his own cars," he said.

The future of food looks extremely good to the veteran chef.

"In 1942, I was told we'd be eating pills in the year 2000. We're on the eve of that year, and we're still eating real food," Bocuse said. "Cuisine has never been so good. There have never been so many great restaurants with great food, and I think it will be the same in the next century."

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